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Just your friendly neighborhood Cuban Smartass. California. Post-grad. Meow. I enjoy Disneyland and famous men way out of my league. I also enjoy all forms of humor and it takes very little to keep me amused. Please enjoy your stay.

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*university voice* unfortunately… we have too much money… so we have to raise tuition so we can build a place to keep all the other money in… so sorry unavoidable

hey friends! 

I would like to kindly ask you to keep lil ol yours truly in your thoughts and prayers or send me good vibes for the job interview i have tomorrow! I’m against people with more experience(as it always goes), but more importantly possibly people who already have/are currently working there and want full-time, and the only reason my name got pulled was because its the preschool i interned/did my research study at. so I’m not expecting much, i just want to at least not bomb it in general even if I’m not hired. 

Thanks lovenuggets 


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i’ve been shut in my house all weekend with the A/C blasting and all the curtains drawn. sitting in cool darkness like an arctic vampire. i hiss every time i have to let my dogs out to pee, it’s like opening an oven. DNW.

i think we’ve all just gotten to the point where we know our electric bill is going to be ridiculous but have forsaken frugality for not fucking roasting alive in our own homes 




at the disco

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Yeah that about covers it. Sadly, I live a mile off the river and it’s just the wrong side of too nasty to swim in. ;A;


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I’m gonna have to fight you on the humidity thing man. Humidity can turn hot-but-bearable into Satan’s sweaty sodomized asshole. Everything gets sticky, taking off your bra makes a velcro sound.

I don’t like to be in hot weather if there is no ocean nearby tbh like i remember one summer we went to visit my grandparents in iowa and that was humid and miserable and i was like ‘why do people live in landlocked places on purpose’ so my experience with humidity is based on Miami summers and Hawaii, and my experience with dry heat is California and at the river in AZ so really what I’m saying is that if its gonna be hot and you are not in water its miserable no matter the amount of water in the atmosphere

corporalusagichan said: Wait but it’s like 87 in Florida, so I feel you.

Florida is at least humid, which i will take any day over this blistering dry heat!